Team camp #1

After a long winter, the team activities have begun. This past weekend the team got together in Seattle to meet each other, meet some of our sponsors, and just have a good time.

First things first: a trip to the mother ship. Hagens-Berman LLP treated us to an afternoon in their conference room to learn about them and a few of our other sponsors.

Also got a chance to catch a seattle sunset from the 33rd floor.

After dinner we caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island to prepare for day two. David, while posing as an asian tourist, got photobombed but a group of youth soccer players.


But as an expert on Shimano footwear, David was also in charge of our Shimano shoe oven for the weekend. I just got to drive it around.

We spent Saturday at GraviTec doing a bunch of team building exercises. GraviTec designs systems and does training for people who work at height (window washers, wind turbine technicians etc). Lots of learning, problem solving, and a few fun exercises with rope and harness. However since they do not allow photos inside their building Saturday will be represented by Peter, mechanic at Recycled, rocking the headset cup dookie rope. Rock rock on.

Sunday I watched the Seahawks play the Falcons while the guys went on a ride. Cardboard Danny, at the front of the van, was the first guy suited up.

Stewart got a chance to rock his Euro kit on this side of the Atlantic. Bold choice.

The weekend ended with a few interviews about the weekend that will hopefully end up on the new season of "The HB show". I might even make it this year. That is, if I can keep a straight face long enough to do an entire interview. Jury is still out on that one.


Only 5 weeks until team camp in California. Get ready!!