But first...

While curling up and relaxing would be a nice thing to do (or maybe working), why not take a road trip? Where? New Orleans to San Diego. Obviously. What kind of question is that?

My first time standing next to the Mississippi River. I did not fully understand how big this thing is. I guess I'm not used to cargo ships in rivers yet.

And it being the South they're really into Andrew Jackson. If the south is going to rise again they may do so on horseback. You have been warned.

At one time New Orleans belonged to the Spanish so you also get the good old Euro style church. I was told novelty Catholic guilt can be purchased inside.

There were also a number of hitching posts around the French Quarter. Since I had a bunch of time to kill I thought I would find someone renting horses. I mean why hitching posts and no horses?

After about an hour of walking all I was able to find were these more modern horse like contraptions. I'm assuming these need to be tied up when not in use so they do not take off. Perhaps the south will rise again on Segway.

Or ride to victory in a pedicab.

I did feel bad for this tree. Apparently it lost it's spouse in the battle for Eisenguard. Sad stuff.

But all joking aside, the French Quarter is very beautiful.

Plus the clubs have a great pricing structure.


Local wildlife.

But enough of New Orleans. This is a road trip. This water was to the right as we headed west. I have no idea which water it is. Maybe I should get my hands on a map.

Welcome to Texas! I think the state motto is "Good luck getting across"

We did manage to get from New Orleans to Junction, TX the first day. I don't understand why more people don't live here. So much to do.

Only 860 miles after the challenge began, we escaped the bounds of Texas.

Things got a bit more scenic when we got to New Mexico. The hills are taller, even if the brush is still sagey.

However Arizona is the state well known for its native dinosaur population. This one is pretty well domesticated. It let my friend Camille pet it and then posed for a photo op.

Dinosaur fist bump!!!

At long last, the ocean. A great view from the Navy Amphibious Base on Coronado Island. This is a shot of where the Seals train. If you look really closely you can see Demi Moore. God she's buff.

Since I like to end with a strange photo, I will offer this challenge: What the hell is this beach bug?

Seriously! This thing is huge and I almost stepped on it. What is this?