Three dudes in a house

No, not a new crappy CBS sitcom, my current existence. At least for the weekend. I have returned to Bend for the final stop on the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross. Not really working, but getting a chance to hopefully see the top level cross mechanics doing their thing.


Somehow I ended up packing a large amount of stuff for a weekend. Or so it seemed at 530 am when I took this picture. I am thankful for the extra layers. It is not warm here.

On the way, we had some interesting van issues. We ended up replacing a van part in the parking lot of the dealer. Lots of fun.



Also I discovered that there are varying opinions about Portland. I think its a fine town (where young people go to retire) but apparently not everyone in this bathroom had the same view.

Then there was snow. We took the least snowy mountain pass, but still a good amount of snowy trees. Also mist. This picture does not do justice to how beautiful the pass was. Probably because I took it from the back seat of a van.

Despite the van trouble we got to Bend in time for pre ride of the course. The pit. Kind of like a battlefield the day before the battle.


There was no good place for this picture in this post, but it had to be included. The night before I left Nick decided to threaten the dog with a bath. She did not seem too excited about this prospect.



More from Bend very soon.