The end of Bend

Two days of racing. Lots of yelling. Fast people. Bikes. Cake. Yeah... great weekend.

While not as cold as it could have been, still not especially warm. Fortunately the fire pit started early and lasted all day.

Also I inevitably had to fix some bikes. New rule: only go to bike races to work. Otherwise it just feels unnatural. Perhaps I have a problem.

The guys from Rapha clothing brought their espresso machine down from their Portland headquarters. Free espresso for all!

(Bike nerd aside: of course they had a Chis King espresso tamper. It's just to the left of the machine)

Also spotted. Not sure how or why, but it seems there was at least one last ride in the team car. Don't know that we'll see this much more, if ever.

Ryan Trebon. 2nd place, he's always one to give high fives on the line.

Tim Johnson taking the win with a big solo break Sunday.

Afterwards I got a chance to congratulate Stu Thorn (Cannondale/ Team Mechanic) on a very successful weekend for this team.

Hodola! and Katerina Nash after the women's race. It was her birthday on Sunday, so we all got together to sing her way into the finish line. This picture originally appeared on My left arm got a cameo appearance (left side of the pic).

It was great to get to see the high level of all apects of the weekend. From racing to support to the fans yelling on the side of the course. Big thanks to Recycled Cycles racing, Hodola!, Canada, Bend, and all those people who made the weekend such a blast.