Oh Canada

As our penultimate journey of the cross season the Hagens cross team headed north of the border for the BC Grand Prix of Cyclocross.

Breakfast at Steve's house. Pancakes (banana and gluten free, very delicious), eggs, coffee, and a Belgian cross race. Turns out bike racers are also big bike racing fans.

We arrived at the venue pretty early and got to enjoy a bit of local interest. This is another in the ongoing photo series: people taking pictures of the van.

But, I mean, it did look good.

However it was also a bit cold and very windy. What does that mean? Pre ride laps for the guys = snack and reading time for me. Man, bike racing must be hard.


And to business. If you're wondering why that bike in foreground looks so big...it is. Jesse Reams, Hagens road team alum and Vancouver resident, came down to hang out and race some cross. You may also recognize the moose under his saddle from previous posts.

All the effort pays off! Thats Steve on the podium at this UCI event. Adam also finished in the top 10 so lots of UCI points won on the day. If not for being crashed out by someone I have a sneaking suspicion Steve would have been a bit higher on those steps. They also referred to him at one point as a rider "from South of the border". Totally different meaning in Canada.

In the attempt to do something else Canadian while we were there, post race lunch at Tim Horton's. I was told by a Canadian in the pit that this is not a good thing to do, perhaps this is not the fine dining establishment I thought it was.

(Note: for some reason I was the only one in my group given a plastic spoon)

To end the post: it seems that Canada mostly dodged the worldwide economic downturn, recession, whatever you want to call it. But inflation will happen to everyone. Sorry "Dollar Giant" but $1.25 seems high to me.