And we have....RAIN!!

It is my understanding that cyclocross happens in places, southern California for example, that do not see a ton of rain. This seems a foreign concept to me seeing as perhaps one of the most exciting and defining characteristics about northwest cross is mud. Lots of mud. Fortunately this weekend was kind enough to oblige.


The view from the FSA tent. Standing water as well as some good mud.

Tre getting one of the Hodala! team bikes ready for the singlespeed race. You can also tell by the fisherman's outfit, this is not Tre's first time in the rain.

I even got a chance to rock the hat when it was my turn in the pit.

If you've not seen the effects of mud on cross bikes before. This is the before shot, Hagens Berman riders Steve Fisher and Adam McGrath's bikes ready to go for the Cat 1/2 race.

And the after shot. This drivetrain actually looks pretty clean considering.


Plus it was Halloween weekend! Satan does indeed race cross and keeps the pitch fork handy in case anyone gets in her way.


Inside the velodrome after the corse tape came down. Really makes it tough to see where the course was. A few volunteers from the Starbucks team cleaning off the track.

I have high hopes that the mud will continue making for some more fun northwest cross. Stay tuned!