Formerly a UCI race, now just a big local race, but still a very good time. Today was a combo effort for me, mostly with FSA Neutral but with a quick break to pit for the Hagens boys (presented by Raleigh, FYI)

The day started with setting up the pit. This is just one sample, it was a large pit.

Home base. It's very nice wrenching in the lap of luxury.

Also the pit was just down the way. Which is always nice.


Oh, and also a view of the course. Even a cool portion of it. This is a new and exciting trend I hope continues.

As we got to the big event, the Category 1/2 race, the spectators came out in force. Lights come on to boot.

My fellow mechanics in the pit.


and again. Oh and if you think my camera just takes crappy pictures (aside from the fact that you're correct) the dust was also flying like crazy. Most of the people who raced reported some respiratory issues. Now we're praying for rain.