More from Bend, well...not technically

After almost a week in beautiful Bend I'm back home in Seattle. I didn't end up getting a ton of pictures, so the 5 days of racing are getting compressed into one post.


Food is one thing that we try to keep in ready supply in the support vehicles. Since the days are long and sometimes not on schedule its good to be prepared. For the morning of the TT we got to enjoy a variety of Safeway muffins. I think apple cinnamon won the day.

The TT course was along a river around Prineville, OR. Very nice scenery. Also, in the morning at least, shade.


One of our support cars ready with some spare bikes for the TT. As you may be able to see from the background, we usually start our day pretty early.

Spare bikes ready to go at the TT turnaround.

And not just any spare bikes. USA labeled spares courtesy of Felt.


One shot of the actual turnaround. We moved several times during the day as the length of the course changed. We also had varying degrees of success staying in the shade. I think this shot was taken from the shade of a big road sign.


This was the first Shimano 11 speed cassette I have held in person. Not currently available to the pubic, but if you're Wayne Stetina I guess it's okay. (Wayne is apparently the highest ranking non Japenese person working at Shiamno. I belive he is in charge of their road line.)

What to do when you have to use the honey bucket but you are also walking your dog? Well I guess you improvise.


The view from pit one at the crit. Finish line ready to see some national criterium chapions.


The pit. In all its glory.


Toolboxes and hats. James' red hat much more prominent than my blue one. A good part of our downtime was spent discussing and comparing various tools in our boxes. There is a lot to learn from other mechanics. I was glad to get a chance to meet a few more.


Despite my iPad ownership I'm still a firm believer that using it to take pictures looks really funny. This case, although you can't see it in the picture, is a fine example. Expect more evidence of this as time progresses. Well, that and dogs encountered on the road.