Cyclocross: it's for real

After what seemed to be the longest cross pre season in a while, cross now seems to be the biggest racing discipline in the northwest, I got to go out and work MFG #2 at Lake Samamish State Park.

The pit had a very nice view of the east end of the Lake. I think this was the last rider to clear the course before the first race of the day.

Our van was set up right next to the finish line. It made for some great spectating when not tuning bikes or changing flat tires.


Looking the other way from the van. Aside from a few sponsor tents, Clif Bar, Bob's Red Mill, and nuun, all of the tents are from different teams represented. There were even a few tents when we showed up more than an hour before the first start. Serious business.


And yes I did get a picture of some people actually racing. My view from the pit, similar to a Nascar style, where riders get service while on course. These guys look like they're doing okay.