Back to Bend

Once again, after what feels like a few short week break, I'm back in Bend, Oregon. Home of nice people, tons of bike shops, and (in this case) the 2012 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships.

Featuring my finger!

A few quick nature shots from the drive. In this case Detroit Dam. Didn't know that was in Oregon, but still a nice place to stop and strech your legs for a few minutes.



Complete with tower

and lake
When I got the Bend I joined the other mechanics outside of the registration spot. Apparently a lot of people wanted to be the first ones registered.


We looked at bikes, talked to people and enjoyed a nice afternoon in the sun.

The almighty jig. Used to measure the legality of time trial bikes. We did have to do a few adjustments for some displeased people because they didn't pass. (And if you look closely you can see the bolts from my toolbox holding it together.)







But no matter where you are the day always seems to end the same.

Get gear where it needs to be.

Have a beer.