Ronde Ohop

Sunday this weekend brought the second Ronde Ohop outside of Eatonville, WA. Its a fun mix of road circuit racing with a bit of trail riding mixed in. Makes it a bit more exciting for the neutral team.

My Subaru even got a makeover for the event. You can't have a good follow car without good decals. This one even went on mostly straight.


Joe was kind enough to join me bright and early on Sunday. Here getting a last minute lean in before we get to driving.


Geared up and ready for the first race. As always: a view from the back seat.

And all the way in the distance you can see the pelaton. I swear at some point I'll get a better version of this picture, but I swear it looks really cool in person.

Officially today Joe and I are FSA Neutral mechanics. It's very nice of them to allow us to get out and support a lot of local races.

After being in the follow car for the longer road portion we hit the partial off road section. This is one of two wheel pits, in this case at the exit of the woods. Lots of business here.


So much business in fact that we ran out of wheels during the last race. Ran out! 22 wheels changes total including three riders who were on complete replacement wheel sets and two who flatted three times. This is the virtual yard sale we had after the last race trying to get the neutral wheels back. Thankfully they were all accounted for.


Thats all for now. I'll be headed to Masters Road Nationals in Bend, OR in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for pics of that. Unless something else exciting crosses my path before then.