Masters Track State Championships

This past Saturday I got a chance to do some work out at the Marymore Velodrome. It was a very exciting opportunity and my first day as a neutral track mechanic. Luckily for me track bikes are pretty simple machines and track racers seem to show up well prepared and ready to race.


This meant that my day looked a lot like this. Sitting under my tent, waiting for something to do. But there was lemonade and shade. I couldn't complain too much.


Getting the podiums ready for the day. Turns out with multiple races, two genders, and several different age groups there were a lot of metals to give out.

I enjoy having the helper dog feature of this blog. On this particular day Max, Tre's dog, hung out in the tent for a bit while Tre was getting things set up. Still though, no thumbs = not too much help.

And even when there isn't much to do, there is still a lot to watch. In this cast one of the men's kerin qualifiers.

When the wind blows, things get interesting. While it does kill the view the angled tent does endow a certain amount of confidence that the tent will remain. Once the work day picks up, it's best to not spend your time chasing a tent around the infield.

Last shot of the day: the future of track racing. Not yet on track bikes but learning a lot of valuable lessons about rules of the track. Many of the kids stayed later to cheer their parents to victory.