Small joys of the road

As our BC squad dwindles leading into Tour of White Rock this weekend I got some time to just relax and enjoy the little things in life.
While the guys were on their ride I took a joyride down to the waterfront in White Rock.
Complete with pier.
And in case you didn't believe I knew where I was, the proof is in the...arch.
Nighttime racing means daytime cleaning. Got to make sure those wheels sparkle.
Also a good chance to even out all of the awkward tan lines I am accumulating.
So I guess there has to be at least one bike racing picture. The tiny blurry guys are the lead group heading towards the finish line about midway through the Giro di Burnaby. There must be a lot of Italian immigrants in Burnaby, because while it was confusing to have a Giro in Canada, I did hear a lot of Italian.
Our host mom this week had made sure that we have plenty of food, brownies included.
Mr. Jackson courtesy of Mr. Chis Wingfield, who did not seem to understand the new profanity rule instituted this trip.