Mt. Bachelor

Stage 3, Mt. Bachelor, pretty flat with a tough bit of climbing at the end and nothing but beautiful scenery along the way. Today also marked our first bike change during a road stage. The swap went smoothly and was not photographed. Apologies for that. However I did still get a few pics.

Headed to Mt. Bachelor. 
SRAM NRS getting ready for the stage.

Cal Giant Strawberries has a last word before the stage.
Bend has a few good coffee shops but Back Porch Coffee Roasters won out this trip because of their exceptional pastries. Very important to get one, even if eaten on the go.

Headed up the last climb, long line of cars. I think there is a bike race up there somewhere.

The illegal feed zone: apparently an institution on this stage. The print below says "1 finger = water, 2 fingers = gatorade, 3 fingers = coke, 4 fingers = beer."
This gentleman was responsible for the most important illegal feed: 4 fingers for beer.