End of the trip

The trip is done, bikes are back home with their riders and I'm back to real life at Recycled Cycles. However there were a few cool things from the last day in Bend after we got done I thought were worth sharing. 


 Giant beetle. Knife in the picture for sizing. It's about a 3" blade.
 BLTA from Brother Jon's Alehouse in downtown Bend. There was so much bacon on this sandwich that it was falling off as I went. That and good beer makes for a very good after race meal.
 And before the race, if you have all morning to hang out, sitting outside of Back Porch Coffee with an ocean roll and a cappuccino is a good call. Ocean rolls are so good they were featured in two posts.
Baby deer in a field. And by field I mean backyard I walked through headed downtown. They're just around.


 This building houses a dance club and a church. Not sure if I am more distrustful of a dance club next to a church or a church next to a dance club.