A few days in

As I'm writing this we are getting ready for stage three of Cascade. Time trial is in the bag and we're headed back out on the road bikes, but I did get a few shots from the last couple days.

Stage 1, headed through a really cool lava field in the caravan. Nice rocks.
A view from the porch of our host house. A little down time at night sometimes leads to grilling.
And a small crash sometimes leads to blood on frames. Everyone on our team came out mostly okay. Just a few cuts and scrapes.
Kennett about to head off on his TT. Stage 2 was a longer time trial. These are definitely the most stressful days for me. Very glad to have them done for this race.
This message was on the inside of one of the port-a-potty doors. What a nice vandal.

Two of our guys returning downhill to the pelaton after a crash. They were going about 50 in this picture.

Some local kids came out to cheer on the riders. Always a nice to have some local support.
Watson. Very nice dog, but seemed unwilling to assist in washing bikes. Just lays around and sometimes moves to avoid getting wet. 
I got this shot as I was driving home from dinner. I would argue no shirt, no shoes, no helmet means no ride your bike. But that's just me. You also can't quite see the giant headphones in this pic. But beats by Dre were happening.
There is sometimes a lot to get done to get ready for a stage. Here Chris is getting the post race PB&J ready on the assembly line.
I also discovered that Alan keeps a stock of HB colored M&Ms in the car. It's always important to be sponsor correct.