Tour of Gila

The last week was spent in and around Silver City, NM with Hagens Berman for the SRAM Tour of the Gila.  Also because I'm new to the blogging thing the pictures are all in reverse chronological order but also kind of not. Sorry for the confusion.

 Apparently there is a Truth or Consequences, NM.
 "Everytime you don't tip a child gets a mullet". I tipped. You can't be too safe. I probably would have tipped more if they got rat tails.
 Different shot of Main St. Downtown Silver City.
 The little yellow sign below "Diamonds Gym" says "Free tanning". I'm really curious who isn't tan enough in the desert.
 Hagens Berman: Safety First.
 I currently have a lot of bottles and yet very few models. This R Kelly math is not working.
 And when the race is over...we can celebrate.
 Sun rising off of the porch at our house.
 Different view of the same meal.
 Living with a race team makes you feel like you're on a diet. Because no matter how much you eat: they eat more.
 View from the front of our house.
 Local wildlife.
 New Mexico dryer: still faster and more energy efficient than my Seattle model.
 The bike shop, when all of the gear is in the van.

 Sunset in Pinos Altos. I wish the pics of the sunrise had worked as well. Really beautiful country.

 In the car following our GC leader through the TT.
 The back of the house were staying at. Pinos Altos, NM.
 TT start.
 Better shot of the UHC mobile home.
 The back of our van on TT day. Cameo appearance by my toolbox.
 Setting up for the Time Trial, Stage 3: We got the spot next to United Health Care. I had a bit of bus envy.
 Stage 2 start: as you can see by the number on our windshield, we didn't get to keep the #1 spot.
 More of New Mexico from the car.

 The peleton: Stage one
 The label says : DO NOT remove before installation of wheel. Spent a while trying to figure out how to get an axle in the dropouts with the fork block in place.
 New Mexico: as seen from the car.
 Looking out at the field lining up for stage 1. We also won the lottery and ended up car 1 in the caravan for the first stage. Good place to watch bike racing.

The pre-race bike wash. It's really nice in the desert, bikes dry fast.